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What is the DDoS?

January 8, 2020 gyankovan 0

A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is the most powerful weapon which the hackers use, while they try to break down a webservice. According to Cloudfare, […]

What is the Kali Linux OS ?

April 20, 2019 gyankovan 0

Kali Linux is the world’s most powerful and popular penetration testing platform, used by security professionals in a wide range of specializations, including penetration testing, […]

What is the MuddyWater ?

October 13, 2018 gyankovan 0

Muddywater that first seen in IRAQ and SAUDI ARABIA in 2017 is a relatively new APT. Researchers recently noticed a large amount of spear phishing documents […]

What is the Ransomware ?

March 24, 2018 gyankovan 0

Ransomware is a malware which the data is locked on victim’s computer. After encryption, payment is demanded for the ransomed data is decrypted and access […]

What is the Keepass ?

February 17, 2018 gyankovan 0

Almost every service, every website, expect you to create a username and password for protect your data or you to log in to their systems. […]

What is the IoT ?

February 11, 2018 gyankovan 0

The internet of things, at its simplest level, is a network of smart devices – from refrigerators that warn you when you’re out of milk […]