How to change ping or traceroute options on FortiGate ?

Ping and traceroute are crucial network troubleshooting tools. Sometimes, when you troubleshoot to some connection problems on your network, you may need to some different scenarios. For example, you may need to ping from different sources to the same destination. Also default ping count may not be enough for you. FortiGate ping options provides to you some options for troubleshooting.

On FortiGate, while you use to ping or traceroute tools, you can modify a few options. 

For example, you may need to modify source ip address for a ping or traceroute, while you are testing connection to an unreachable destination ip address. You can run below commands for achieving this.

FortiGate-VM64 # execute ping-options source                             

FortiGate-VM64 # execute traceroute-options source

With the help of these commands, source IP address will be for ping or traceroute. Also, FortiGate will use appropriate interface for this ip address.

That’s it. Now, you can try different scenarios for troubleshooting.

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