How to enable port mirroring on Extreme Switch ?

On this example, we will show how to enable port mirroring on Extreme Switch ExtremeXOS version 15


# create mirror Test
# configure mirror “Test” add vlan “Vlan125”
# configure mirror “Test” to port 7:1
# enable mirror “Test”

# sh mirror

DefaultMirror (Disabled)
Description: Default Mirror Instance, created automatically
Mirror to port: 7:1

VPN-Test (Enabled)
Mirror to port: 7:1
Source filter instances used : 1
All ports, vlan Vlan125, ingress only

Mirrors defined: 2
Mirrors enabled: 1 (Maximum 4)
HW filter instances used: 1 (Maximum 128)
HW mirror instances used: 1 ingress, 0 egress (Maximum 4 total, 1 egress)

# disable mirror “Test”

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