How to set up the junos pulse vpn client in ubuntu ?

Do you want to set up junos pulse vpn client in ubuntu for securely connect to your systems ? This article will show you step-by-step how to set up the junos pulse vpn client in ubuntu. If you have questions after read to article, you able to write comment or contact us from here .

1- First of all, you can download to client software from here. You have to give some informations about you, for download to software, as you can see in picture below.

2- After to download, you can set up the software by cli.

sudo dpkg -i ps-pulse-linux-5.3r3.0-b1021-ubuntu-debian-64-bit-installer.deb

İf you will be setting up a vpn client first time, you will get some warnings for missing dependent packages as in picture below. You have to install these packages.

3- After install missing packages, you can try again. You will be see installing the junes pulse this time.

4-Now you can use junos pulse for securely connect to your systems. You can add your connection to press “+” button.

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