What is the Keepass ?

Almost every service, every website, expect you to create a username and password for protect your data or you to log in to their systems. If you use to internet for shopping, banking and so on, you have to manage a lot of username and password. Therefore, seventy five percent of people (according to the BitDefender company research) are using same password on all accounts. But it’s not secure. If password of a your account in the hands of malicious people, also you can lost other accounts.

You have to create different passwords that easy to remember but hard to hack, or you able to use Keepass for keep your password securely. Also you able to create very strong passwords with it.

What is the Keepass ?

Keepass is a opensource software that protect your usernames and passwords in the itself encrypted database. Also, you can create very strong passwords with it.

Keepass was origanally for Windows only. But now you able to use on other OS. You can share it databases via cloud methods for reach other clients. Also you can use portable version on flash drive.

For More: https://keepass.info/

For install to Ubuntu: http://www.cyberrsec.com/index.php/install-keepass-ubuntu/






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