What is the Password Meter ?

About one month ago, one of the my readers recommended to me a new tool which called Password Meter. Before I start to write the post, I want to say thank you to her for her suggestion and following my website. If you have suggestions like her, please write to me. You can reach me from here.

I reviewed the tool and I think this tool can be very helpful for creating new passwords which easy to remember. When the Keepass and Password Meter are used together, password security can be improved very much. Also users don’t have to use the keepass every time.

You can reach this tool from here.

You have two options for create new passwords on the tool. You can create new passwords by following the suggestions or you can create random passwords. When you choose to create random password, it is creating new passwords which are easy to remember. You can see an example below password that randomized.

If you choose to follow the suggestions, you can create complicated passwords.

New password is ready !

See you on next post 🙂

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