What is the Ransomware ?

Ransomware is a malware which the data is locked on victim’s computer. After encryption, payment is demanded for the ransomed data is decrypted and access returned to the victim. If victim wants to recover datas, victim has to pay, because encryption used by attacker is so strong and decryption will take years.

How does it work ?

For encryption, ransomware needs to be start by the user. Therefore, the biggest ransomware issues are caused by the users.

Usually, attackers use victim’s weak feelings, such as “free money”, “big bills”, “big job opportunity”. They can send you an e-mail or a message from social media, and they want you to click on some links, or setup some softwares. If you do what they want, encryption programs start. And finally you can see a message like below:

How can prevent yourself from ransomware ?

  • End users should beware of clicking on links or opening attachments in e-mails or messages from strangers.
  • End users should use antivirus softwares, such as “eset”, “norton”, “kaspersky”. Also users should update these antivirus softwares
  • End users should backup important datas regularly.



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